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Eulogy Media ltd.

is a collective of musicians & performers acting as a record label, management company & booking agency. art from artists, direct.

Formed in early 2006 originally as in-house management for UK industrial metal act interlock, eulogy media soon evolved from being the simple stop gap between artist & label and emerged as a viable live bookings outfit securing & coordinating most notably a 6 week comprehensive tour of north america, a major european metal festival slot and numerous consecutive-date tours of the UK including key dates in the nations main cities & capital.

Incorporating in 2007, the company has devised promotional media which has appeared in national & international publications, negotiated publishing contracts allowing artists to appear on soundtracks for feature films & television broadcast & released worldwide and coordinated the distribution of artist-related merchandise across several continents.

Now, establishing as a label, eulogy media addresses the still present need for a reliable business identity whilst doing away with the unapproachable facia that still pervades the music & performing arts industries, providing worthy acts with simple solutions to unnecessarily complicated problems.